Defence & Security


Our reduction gears and actuators are compact solutions for applications where there is a need of extremely precise targeting, as this is the key feature for defence applications. Our products are reliable and customers benefit from long-term repeatability and precision.

Pan-tilt surveillance cameras equipped with SPINEA reduction gears will keep their position with resistance to vibration in harsh conditions in a wide temperature range.

A remotely controlled weapon station with our reduction gears will provide security for the crew during operations due to its ability to work even in extreme climatic conditions.

Radar systems using SPINEA reduction gears will work efficiently and will operate smoothly under extreme temperature fluctuations, in high winds, heavy rains, and sandstorms.

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Pan-Tilt Surveillance Camera

  • Low lost motion values enable high targeting precision
  • Only manufacturer of small compact cycloidal reduction gears
  • High torsional and tilting stiffness, low vibrations
  • Suitable models with compact dimensions
  • Special lubricant for a wide temperature range
  • Maintenance free and long service life

Remote Weapon Station

  • High precision for target tracking
  • Special lubricant for a wide temperature range
  • High reliability and precision throughout the service life
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Fully sealed hollow-shaft models
  • Maintenance free and long service life

Simulation Systems


  • Low input inertia
  • Zero backlash for immediate reactions
  • Small, compact dimensions
  • Integrated radial-axial high capacity output bearing
  • Maintenance free and long service life


Radar System


  • High load capacity, high tilting capacity (resistance to gusts wind)
  • Integrated radial-axial high capacity output bearing
  • Fully sealed hollow-shaft models
  • Special lubricant for a wide temperature range
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Maintenance free and long service life




The notion TwinSpin® indicates the full integration of a high precision cycloidal reduction gear and a radial-axial bearing in a single unit.


DriveSpin® actuators represent the combination of the TwinSpin® reduction gear with an AC servomotor in a single compact unit.


Customer requirements often call for special solutions. Thanks to many years of experience in technical support and engineering, we realize highly professional solutions according to customer requirements.


This MoveSpin category represents a complex unit that includes a separate drive for traction and a separate drive forwheel rotation.


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TOSHULIN is a traditional manufacturer of machine tools, characterized by high precision and adaptability to the needs of customers. TOSHULIN appreciates the high quality offered by SPINEA.

TOSHULIN, Czech Republic


SPINEA is the best company. The quality of the reduction gears is great, we are very satisfied with their products. Also, since we have established a business relationship, the cooperation has been great. This is why we would like to mantain good relationships in the future. 

Doowon, South Korea


Moog Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and integrator of high precision products and systems for motion control. High performance Moog systems control civilian and military planes, satellites and space vehicles, discharging vehicles, rockets, industrial machines, wind energy, naval applications and medical machines. Moog is a satisfied customer of SPINEA and values the high quality of their reductors.

Moog Inc., Netherlands


We installed 7 of SPINEA's reductors to additional axes of a robot. Cooperation with SPINEA is great to this day. Delivery terms satisfy our requirements. We also appreciate the technical support provided by SPINEA.

Kovaco, Slovak Republic


Our company uses SPINEA reduction gears in many applications, for example the positioning of cutting heads, positioning of pipes and profiles. We have been satisfied with the quality and precision of their products for a long time.

Microstep, Slovak Republic

Stanislav Čema

Specialist for Defence and Security Applications

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