Personal Data Protection Statement


The operator of this website is SPINEA, s.r.o., seat: Ku Magašu 702/5 Street, 080 01 Haniska, District of Prešov, Business Id: 31 687 580; contact: email:; tel.: 421 51 7700 155.

This website visitor personal data protection statement was created with accordance to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and to law No. 18/2018 of the National Council of the Slovak Republic of the Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic.  

SPINEA, s.r.o, seat: Ku Magašu 702/3, 080 01 Haniska, District of Prešov as the operator of an information system, has adopted all neccessary personnel, organizational and technical measures in order to maximise the protection of your personal data and to minimise the risk of its leaks, misuses and so on. With accordance to our obligation, stemming from Article 34 of GDPR, we inform you that if a situation shall arise, in which a violation of the protection of your personal data shall happen, we will inform you of this fact without undue delay.

The concerned persons, whose personal data we process, are the visitors of the website, users of the contact forms on the site, and subscribers to our digital marketing communication.


  1. On our website, we use cookies, small data particles, which help distinguish between unique website visitors. In them, individual user preferences are stored, such as the language of the website. We collect this kind of data in order to increase user comfort in using our website, as well as improve the content of the site. By using our website you give us permission to gather cookies.
  2. For all concerned persons we process their unique identificator, IP address (anonymized), and in specific cases (contact forms) it may include first and last names, and telephone number. 
  3. We collect analytical information about the users who visit our website, mostly with the assistance of third parties – analytical services providers. We use these platforms, specifically: Google Analytics, Hotjar, and By using these services we gather analytical data and user behavior information, in order to prepare internal statistics and conduct relevant marketing activities.
  4. We use Facebook Pixel, Google AdSense, Google Dynamic Retargeting, and LinkedIn with regard to remarketing. These platforms allow us to display advertisements to users, who have visited our website in the past, have clicked on our ad in the past, or have shown interest in our services and products.
  5. Only a few selected trained employees have access to this data. These employees process the data only with regard to preparing internal statistics and conducting relevant marketing activities, all according to GDPR.
  6. Data gathered this way is processed exclusively in Slovakia, in SPINEA, s.r.o., there is no cross-border transfer.
  7. We process the personal data for the length of the purpose of the data processing, but not longer than 7 days after we receive a request by an individual to delete all of his/hers relevant personal data unless generally, binding legal rules specify otherwise.
  8. Our company is making all the necessary precautions to protect the processed personal data and to prevent its leaks. Besides providing access to just a few selected employees, chosen by strict criteria, we also use digital data encryption, which prevents third parties access to them.
  9. You can request the deletion of all the personal data pertaining to you at any given time. You can do so via the communication channels listed at the top of this page.

      ANNEX TO THE PRIVACY POLICY. Click on the PDF below:


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